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How to add on Map Half Life:

1- Go search website that share half-life's maps, or just click Here or Here.
2- Download maps (map must in .bsp format)

3- Extract, copy/cut maps and paste to folder Folder Location\Half-Life With Bots\Half-Life\valve\maps

How to Activate Console
(Button below esc button)

1- Create Shortcut for application hl.exe

2- Right Click shortcut of hl.exe >>> properties

3- Add target with " -console"

* Before "Folder Location\Half-Life With Bots\Half-Life\hl.exe"
* After "Folder Location\Half-Life With Bots\Half-Life\hl.exe -console"

4- Double click & enjoy...

Create Cheat

1- Press button below Esc on your keyboard.

2- Follow below

sv_cheats 1 >>> press enter

restart >>> press enter and wait after game reconnect/restart
bind q "impulse 101" >>> Press enter

How to add No of Bots and Adjust Bot's Skill:

1- Find file parabots.cfg

Folder Location\Half-Life With Bots\Half-Life\Parabot\valve\parabots.cfg

2- right-click >> properties >> change >> choose notepad

3- double-click parabots.cfg, change setting as you want.

How to Change Bot's Name:

1- Find file characters.cfg

Folder Location\Half-Life With Bots\Half-Life\Parabot\valve\characters.cfg

2- right-click >> properties >> change >> choose notepad

3- Double-click characters.cfg, change name as what you want.

*Example Name I had changed.

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